Annual Report Design

Communicate your results differently

We work with you through strategic design to create a unique Annual Report that is coherent with your brand and appealing to your target audience.

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What to sayand how to say it?

Determining what actions and results are more relevant, and how you should communicate them are the keys to your Annual Report. We can help you answer these questions by listening and getting to know your brand and goals. Our methodology is based on the purpose of your company, to create a genuine report that connects with your audience.

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How to sum up the results of a whole year?

Through the creation of custom graphic elements, such as infographics or illustrations, we manage to create a short and easy-to-read document. We focus on creating a coherent content structure that helps you communicate the actions of your social responsibility projects, assess the year, and make your accomplishments visible.

Formato de memoria impresa y memoria digital

Print or digital format? Combine both!

We understand the value of a printed Annual Report, a unique document that goes directly to your hands so you can read it as many times as you want. But we also know that a digital version of the report can reach a wider audience, improving their experience and allowing you to reach them differently. The good thing is that you can combine them!

The way we work

1. Strategic meeting and setting goals

A significant amount of strategy plays a role in everything we do, starting with our first meeting, which provides an opportunity to listen and understand your brand’s essence. This allows us to analyze the best way to communicate your company or NGO’s yearly achievements, by using creative proposals based on your brand objective.

2. Research and pitching a style proposal

Conducting thorough research on your competitors and sector benchmarks which centers on your brand image is just as important as listening. After making our starting analysis, we have all of the necessary tools to start working on our style proposal for your brand. We adapt your content on a communicative level and pitch you our proposed design for the first pages of your report.

3. Design and layout

After getting your feedback, we create the full design and layout for all of the report’s inside pages. This process involves creating personalized graphics ranging from infographics through to illustrations or icons, which seek to enhance the way your information is presented. We finish this creative process with the cover design before sending it to the revision phase.

4. Digital design

When it comes to the digital version, we carefully adapt the content and all of the report components into an interactive and dynamic landing page format. We create a logical, easy to follow structure that presents the most relevant information, including access to the annual report in PDF format and other features that boost understanding and drive up sharing of the document in the digital space.

5. Development and optimization

Once both version designs are defined, we make any necessary adjustments for the printing phase while at the same time developing the digital version on your website. To finish off, we carry out the full SEO optimization and adaptability process, ensuring that your annual report is ready to be presented.

Memoria en versión impresa y digital

What value can an Annual Report add to my company or NGO?

A taste of what we can do

What our clients say about us

The case study of FUNDAP

A 60% increase of visualizations and a 40% savings in printing.

Discover our work with FUNDAP, a Guatemalan NGO that we have helped improve their Annual Report for the past 6 years.

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