AMAI TLP’s new image takes off for their Annual Report 2018

Commitment and coherence in whichever direction you look

Following the project to redesign the corporate image of the AMAI TLP Foundation, and following the strategy of improving its communication, we redesigned its annual Activity Report.

In addition to presenting the results achieved throughout the year and showing the projects planned for the next, this Annual Report served to present the new image of your brand to all members of the foundation.




Editorial Design

Brand Strategy


CLAP 2019
Selection. Editorial Design


A window through which to reinforce your corporate identity

On a creative level, the AMAI TLP Activity Report was a blank canvas that was used to present the new elements established in the new corporate identity manual. This is all done in a cohesive way and without losing the initial focus: create an element with a unique value.

The use of illustrations, corporate colors and phrases that reflect the essence of the foundation come to the forefront.

An innovative channel to communicate with partners

The advantages of creating a corporate annual report and with a strong commitment to design are innumerable. It is a tangible and imperishable element that stands out with respect to the immediacy of the internet and the type of fast content that we consume daily.

Sharing achievements with key leaders

The AMAI TLP Activity Report is a book that any member can return to whenever they want and pick up where they left off. It’s a book in which the foundation can highlight their most important projects and make members feel involved in their next steps.

Serving & helping


Specialized support
for families


Saying thank you and celebrating a focus on close relationships

It is an exercise of responsibility with their clients, an opportunity to communicate with the members of the foundation, talk one-to-one, thank them for their work and add value to them.

Something worthy of celebration

The Activities Report has received a 2019 Clap Selection award in editorial design. This organization recognizes and awards the best design creations in Latin America annually.

CLAP 2019 Award

Selection. Editorial Design