A journey abroad told in first person

“You learn a lot more when you’re having fun”

That is the motto of Nathalie Language Experiences and they apply it in each of the language immersions that they organize abroad for their young students. Based on this philosophy, they wanted to improve their position in the market and give more visibility to their Summer Programs.

Part of the Calmo team flew to London to shoot a promotional video that would eventually become the brand’s cover letter, a way of explaining the service and a piece that helped bring its strategic message together.


Nathalie Language Experiences





A trip that represents a turning point: a before and after

Nathalie wanted to reflect the real impact of the experience from a personal perspective. The video, narrated in the first person, gets into the skin of a student, showing that she is not only learning English, but also having fun, growing up, gaining independence and discovering new cultures.

For many students this is the first experience away from home and what is more natural than a phone call to your parents when you are abroad?

How can you reflect a fun-packed summer of learning in one minute?

It was an organized and strategic work process. Time was limited, both to record and to condense the hours of filming into one minute. With the added challenge that it was imperishable, so that it could continue to be used for several seasons.

For this reason, the creative processes of storytelling and scriptwriting were key in the project. It was important to reflect the variety of the program, full of tours and activities, which meant we shot in more than 30 different locations.

“The video hasn’t just fulfilled its role to promote summer language exchange trips. It’s also become a brand in its own right”
Adrián Valiente, CEO of Calmo Agency

More than 30,000 monthly views

It has been used in all its communication channels: web, social media, email marketing, social Ads … obtaining especially good results in PPC campaigns. The video achieved a milestone of more than 30,000 views in the first 30 days across all channels.

A groundbreaking result

This project is part of the communication and rebranding strategy of Nathalie Language Experiences. Fulfilling the proposed objective, the company managed to multiply the sales of the Summer Programs.

In addition, it served as a showcase to show its brand-new corporate image, with more personality and a more solid value proposition designed for its current and future clients.