Giving 2019 projects more visibility than ever

An Annual Report that evolves alongside the foundation

FUNDAP is a Guatemalan NGO that has a team of more than 700 staff and serves almost 200,000 people each year in six different areas of work focused on improving the situation of the most vulnerable regions of the country.

After more than five years working with them, we have contributed to the renewal of their Activity Report season after season. Improving the design, the organization of the information and slowly moving the reader to a smaller and shorter document but consistent in terms of content.




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Constantly striving for sustainable jobs

Silence that really makes a noise.

Now in its first digital edition!

This 2019 edition is the first in which two versions of the Report have been created. The traditional one, on paper, of which 1,000 copies have been printed, and the online version, available through its website.

With this duality of options, it is possible to maintain the exclusivity and value of the printed document at the same time that access is granted to all partners, donors, collaborators and people involved in the foundation so that they can access the information from anywhere and enjoy crystal-clear transparency.

Enhancing an interactive and accessible experience with more photos!

The digital version opens the horizons of design and usability. It allows you to introduce animations, more photography and incorporate additional content at no extra cost.

The way in which the reader discovers the information is also different. We rely on filters to turn your navigation into a more intuitive, simple and visual experience.

The data is all in order. But how about the stories?

With around 30 action programs being executed across 365 days, the organization of the content becomes a fundamental challenge. The standardization of the data of all the work axes and an intense synthesis exercise have made it possible to simplify the report.

The second objective was to eliminate the rigidity of the structure that was repeated in previous editions, and for this we have added a new section. What moves us people? The stories, the news, the important milestones … Lots of things happen in a year and now you can consult the most important in the Featured News section.

The illustration also takes on a more important role this year compared to the previous ones. It is entered in the project pages.

Giving FUNDAP’s work greater visibility for a lower cost

The creation of the Activity Report in digital format has meant a further step towards reducing costs in printing these annual documents. Since 2015, we have worked to reduce the number of pages, the size of the document and even the number of copies, reducing the total cost by 39% compared to 2015. In addition, the digital version has served to increase traffic to the website, which has grown by 60% since its publication compared to the previous month.

Want to take a look at this change compared to the 2017 annual report?