Celebrating of the year’s achievements

2017 Annual Report

FUNDAP is an NGO that seeks to promote the development of the lower-income sectors of Guatemala. Every year it presents the results obtained to institutions and beneficiaries in an Annual Report. In order to improve their communication, they sought to improve this Activity Report. And it is in this challenge where Calmo comes into action, to help them achieve an attractive, close and professional memory with a design that reflects the work and journey of an NGO that has not stopped achieving milestones since it was founded in 1981.




Editorial design


CLAP 2018
Selection. Editorial Design


Bringing the same value in a downsized format

With the aim of achieving a more comfortable reading and reducing printing costs, this year we opted for the use of a minimized format. This entailed a selection and strategic synthesis of the information, as well as posing a challenge: how to show key data in a much clearer and more concise way.

Structure based on the key elements

The division of the contents into two large blocks was one of the actions that helped to give rhythm and coherence to the content of the document.

Institutional information stars in the first pages of the Annual Report. With the most relevant figures at a general level, the region in which the NGO works and the letters of the main figures.


FUNDAP represented by one image

Increasing the use of illustration and infographics has been the second action to achieve a much easier visualization of information. Thanks to these two elements, the report transmits all its activity at a single glance.

Each floor of the infographic corresponds to one of the FUNDAP programs that, maintaining its identifying color, shows the most outstanding results from throughout the year.

Strategic colors that boost the report’s impact

The second part of the Annual Report details the most important data for each program. The summary is visually displayed with the total number of projects carried out, the geographical area in which they have been developed and the number of people served, accompanied by testimonies from beneficiaries. Each program is distinguished by its identifying color, which helps the reader understand the data.

Giving a dedicated space to a crowdfunding project

The 2017 Report reserves a special section for the new crowdfunding project launched this year. The campaign consists of granting scholarships so that Guatemalan girls in difficult situations can continue going to school.

CLAP 2018 Award

Selection. Editorial Design