A journey through challenges and learning at ACTEC

Gratitude for 40 years of work

ACTEC is an NGO founded in Belgium, with an international presence. It has been promoting projects since 1982 together with its more than 1,300 local collaborators. To date its work has already helped more than 10 countries in Africa and Latin America.

Within the redesign project of their website they decided to show their journey in a creative and original way. They wanted to make a special recognition for the people who have been part of the organization during all this time. With a special focus on your local partners and NGO beneficiaries, and with the approach of “without you we would not have gotten this far”.





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CLAP 2018
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Creative process scheme

Project challenges

The main challenge we faced was the condensation of so much information, 4 decades of projects and many protagonists! The execution of the idea and the illustration recreation of the ACTEC world was creative and painstaking work. That adds to the technical peculiarities of the development and animation of each element and character.

Get on and ride the bus!

As soon as you arrive at the section of the web, a bus will be waiting for you to get on. This concept arises with the intention of inviting the user to travel with the ACTEC team and relive the achievements achieved. A bus in which characters get on and off, where the illustrations are the protagonists and every detail counts.

To start the tour, you will have to follow the instructions of the organization’s guide. Yes, yes. The one that is waving and saying hi. Enjoy the ride!

Diseño de la ilustración de un autobús de ACTEC con mujer saludando


Through illustration we are able to recreate the characteristic landscape of each of the countries in which ACTEC is present. Each place has a unique essence that is shown through the different types of terrain, trees, plants and animals.

Ilustración de Guatemala trayectoria de ACTEC
Ilustración de Kenia trayectoria de ACTEC
Ilustración del Congo trayectoria de ACTEC
Ilustración doctora trayectoria de ACTEC
Ilustración astronauta trayectoria de ACTEC
Ilustración francesa trayectoria de ACTEC
Ilustración agricultor trayectoria de ACTEC
Ilustración guatemalteca trayectoria de ACTEC
Ilustración sevillana trayectoria de ACTEC

Diverse people

The physical features, clothing and accessories represent people from different countries and make their identification possible. What is more French than a figure with a beret, a sailor shirt and a baguette under his arm? (Stereotypically speaking, of course).


To show the journey in an interactive and dynamic way, it is committed to movement. When the ACTEC bus arrives at the different stages, that country comes to life and this is represented by the appearance of different elements in the environment.


ACTEC’s interactive trajectory has become a symbol of the NGO. It is in the top 5 of the most visited sections and with the longest time spent on its website.

In addition, it served as a message of gratitude for the protagonists of the foundation, who discovered it with great enthusiasm.

Ilustración fin del trayecto trayectoria de ACTEC

End of the journey

The bus has already reached its destination. If you want to continue exploring on your own, discover the full route. Click on the road and use your keyboard to move through it.