Reflecting challenges and achievements in an annual report

ACTEC Annual Report 2019

To present the results obtained throughout 2019, ACTEC wanted to make a radical change in the image of its Activities Report. The objective was to create a careful and exclusive document through which to value and publicize the work carried out by the entire team, the local partners and the true protagonists, the beneficiaries around the world.





Editorial Design



Professionalism and commitment

A consistent report in terms of information but elegant and visual that represents the professional and consolidated image of ACTEC, with more than 40 years of experience and presence in America, Africa and Europe.

Its job is to help disadvantaged territories from a positive approach, supporting local partners with training and resources. As a result, each page of the publication is carefully detailed to convey the most relevant data without overwhelming the reader.

Less really does mean more

The main challenge we faced at Calmo was to condense the 78 pages of reports from previous years into 32 without leaving out important information about all the projects they collaborate on.

With the creation of personalized infographics and other graphic elements such as maps or exclusive illustrations, we make reading much more pleasant and enjoyable. The reader immediately captures the key points on which they should focus their attention.

“Businesspeople have to be determined, trained and be ready to be helped. But above all, they have to believe in what they do”.

Color, photography & illustration

ACTEC’s company colors are the protagonists of its Activities Report. For visual support we have striking, colorful photographs that show the positive and feel-good tone of the NGO. Also, the change of format and use of illustrated characters help to reflect a reality from a different point of view, trying to surprise readers who are used to reading this type of document.

“Yes, we can”

The inspiring expression that opens and closes the report: “yes, we can”. Because results show it and the organization’s team feel proud of that work.

In addition to being available online on its website, a total of 100 copies of the publication were made, which has become an exclusive cult document and in which all those who are part of ACTEC receive their small tribute, to which they can come back whenever they want.

yes, we can