Changes to continue changing lives Discover the new branding for RDS

We designed the new branding and website for an NGO with over 30 years of experience.

Established in Germany in 1989, RDS was born with the mission to empower people and change their lives, and that is what they have accomplished over more than 30 years, working on three different continents. They were aware that evolving is key to success, and that is why they wanted to radically change their website and create a digital experience that truly represented them, and that would be modern, functional and user-centred. We complemented the project with their rebranding, adapting their old logo and creating new brand guidelines.





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The rebranding process

Change is always good if the foundation is solid. Therefore, the first thing we did to kick-off the project was to listen, think and then act within a solid strategy. Before embarking on the web design phase, we began with the adaptation of their old logo and we built a visual identity that was eventually comprised into a brand book. This document includes the responsive versions of their logo, color palette, typography and other graphic elements to complete their new visual identity.

Tarjetas de visita de RDS
RDS logos evolution
Nueva tipografía de la marca RDS
Colores de la marca RDS
Folleto RDS

A digital renovation to continue walking towards the future.

To RDS, their website needed to mainly center around communicating their mission in a clear way and bringing in new donations. With a fully renovated visual identity, we built a website that was logically structured and focused on answering to users’ needs.

Web RDS vista en laptop

A modern, functional and user-centered website

An interactive map; and integrated donations system; the combination of custom illustrations that remark their new identity along with images of their beneficiaries that allow users to see the human side; or the creation of project and country templates to provide RDS with autonomy to create and post their own content, are a some of the features that make their new website a modern, funtional and user-centered digital space.

Iconos de RDS
Pantallas de la web de RDS
Foto de una niña en un banner de la web
Gráfico de datos animado