Modern, functional and user centered BBL launches its website

A website that responds to the spirit of the brand

Big Brain Languages is an online language academy that offers live lesson packages, tailored to the schedules and needs of students and teachers. A modern business model that is committed to the digital world.

They came to us with the need to update the image of their website and their booking system. Both of these features are fundamental in a totally digital business like this one, where everything is managed on the website. For this reason, we focused on achieving a visually attractive page, in tune with the character of the brand and with an intuitive, effective and safe interface for Big Brain, its students and its teachers.


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Brandor de Oro 2022. Web Design
Learning languages online with Big Brain Languages


Research and strategy are the starting point

As in all our projects, we always start with a research and strategy process. When it comes to websites, the discovery process is especially relevant to get a firm grip on the final structure of the content.

After several work sessions with the client, we determined the two main profiles of client personas: an HR team member inside the organization and a private student. With this information we were able to define their motivations and goals, understand their behavior and anticipate their use of the website.

Focus on user experience

The discovery process was essential to be able to design a strategic architecture for the website, its information and sections. To do this, we created a sitemap where we established the logical customer journey that fits with the client’s objectives and target audiences’ interests.

Once this was established, we zeroed in on Web Design with the aim of improving the browsing experience and solving one of the biggest opportunity areas the website had: an unintuitive interface and reservation system.

Identity beyond words

An effective custom Web Design begins with understanding the brand and its values. Big Brain Languages already had a uniquely defined personality and they wanted it to be reflected in their new website.

For this reason, we reinforce the corporate identity of the brand through a range of colors, fonts and illustrations that provide fresh air and convey a feeling of relaxation

Personalized images and icons set our client apart from other language schools and give them another USP. They mean they can show, through their own, personal and different design, a wide variety of profiles and situations, especially given the difficulty of using real photographs.

Big Brain Languages Value Proposition now forms a key part of its website identity

A web adaptable to the company

One of BBL’s biggest concerns was the difficulty of making changes to the website autonomously. To solve this, we focused on making back-end management as simple as possible.

Now the client has control of his website. Something essential for a company that operates 100% digital, and that allows them to update their platform regularly and efficiently.

At the same time, we have integrated a reservation system that allows fast data loading, easily set available schedules and conveniently schedule classes, giving students and teachers autonomy from any device.

The results of the project as told by the team

Something to celebrate!

The Big Brain Languages new website received the 2022 BRANDOR Gold Medal award in the category of: Best visual site with brand value.

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Premio Brandor