A new digital space to continue growing

The new website of CARF Foundation evolves both strategic and visually

To continuously enhance their digital strategy, the CARF Foundation commissioned us with the renovation of their website. The project’s approach is mainly based on creating a new design system that focuses on their digital customers. We assessed how they interact with the organization’s digital channels and rethought the structure of more than 100 pages of the website. Since it launched in 2022, the results have been very positive.


Fundación CARF


Web Design

Web Development



Extending their visual identity

In addition to their corporate red, the new visual identity on the website includes a new color palette in blue and beige, as well two different sans fonts. Defining these graphic elements allows us to create a coherent structure for a variety of pages. Moreover, it provides the client the autonomy and freedom of creating new pages using the same design system.

Ilustración Donaciones
Colores y tipografías de la web de CARF

Using custom icons to make the message clear

The wide range of content included in the website goes from testimonials, articles and solidarity projects to concrete calls to action and messages. Therefore, we decided to combine the use of photography and custom icons that contributed to a more fresh and dynamic web design.

Iconos de elementos sagrados
Algunas secciones de la web
Mapa del mundo en la web de CARF

Transparency and clarity throughout navigation

We developed a functionality to calculate tax deduction for donations, we broke down the cost of schoolarships, we facilitated the donation process and integrated it with the company’s CRM, and we presented their results both visual and intuitively in every section of the website.