Social Responsibility Report Polytechnic University of Valencia

Actions that will impact the future at UPV

Through this Social Responsibility Report, the Polytechnic University of Valencia stays true to its strategic plan implemented globally during the past years. Our goal was to create an attractive document used to transmit and celebrate all of the college’s actions while also building a written action plan to guide the coming years, setting the tone for the future.

This reflection involves the participation of many key players, meaning a strong commitment and passion to help, from editorial design through to telling the story in a clear and flowing style, which proved to be an exciting challenge. We met this challenge by doubling down on the strategic organization of the content using graphic features that make reading a more user-friendly experience.


Polytechnic University of Valencia


Editorial Design



Colors with a clear mission

Throughout the report, we are able to identify 10 key points with each one being clearly distinguished by a different color that means the reader can make sense of where they are and at the same time, inject a sense of unity into the document.

The same colors are used again on the cover, alongside carefully shaped geometric figures that add a dynamic and attractive feel. The finished product is a fresh and flowing cover that reflects the corporate image of UPV.

The essentials when it comes to organization and typeface

The nature of the content means that we set out to tackle a very extensive document. That said, we try to make reading easy and user-friendly, opting to leave behind a rigid and traditional text and instead creating an adapted model that works and molds to its content. This style makes its reading experience fun and interactive.

Typeface and font also play an important role in giving the document its legitimate character. It wasn’t just about using nice or attractive fonts but about building a criteria and strategic hierarchy for its design.

By using serif for titles and subtitles, we ensured the right emphasis was given as well as boosting elegance and style. At the same time, the use of sans serif for other bodies of text provides contrast and eases the reading experience.

The visual impact leveraged by statistics

To communicate the achievements of different areas of the college, we created tables and graphs implemented as dynamic visual resources.

The tables use an easily identifiable color for each chapter, helping the reader to locate exactly where they are, while our graphs represent each piece of data using the document’s different colors, preserving a sense of harmony without taking away the ease of the reading experience.

Print version and digital adaptation

Thanks to the document’s versatility, it can be transmitted to other universities in a more memorable and dynamic way. The digital format also lets us turn this report into an interactive document with a wider scope by including interesting links that the reader can interact with and explore.

«The work we’ve done with you guys has been so smooth, super agile and professional. I have to say that it’s been a real pleasure all-round and we definitely feel we made the right choice by choosing you to take care of our Social Responsibility Report project here at UPV.»

Rosa Puchades

UPV Vice Rector