One Beer One Year Illustrated Valencian Craft Beer with unique designs

Calmo Agency launches their own craft beer with a special focus on solidarity

Craft processes and solidarity truly come together for an exciting design and illustration project. The end result is a special edition release for three of Antiga’s most iconic beers: Blonde ALE, American IPA and White IPA. The three distinct types of beer are represented by uniquely fun, diverse and colorful characters. Are you ready to taste the flavour packed into each one?

All of the charity benefits raised for this special edition are destined to be used for a kids’ educational project being looked after by FUNDAP in Guatemala.


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Who’s who when it comes to our beers? Get to know more about our unique characters

We proudly introduce you to the characters that take the lead as protagonists for this project. Our illustrated character labels are what give each beer its outstanding character and represent the variety of beer you’ll find inside the bottle.

You’ll find our first character sporting a baseball cap worn on top of his white hair that perfectly represents the personality of White IPA, an authentically cool urban personality that gives off natural flow to match our American IPA, and a blonde girl whose personality screams pure swag representing our Blonde ALE.

Have you got a favorite already?

How It’s Created

We can’t wait to show you the exciting creative process that María Tortosa, our label illustrator, uses for her artistic journey making One Beer One Year. Discover more about the design journey and creation it takes to make Ms. Blonde Ale a reality.

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Sello Craft Beer

The perfect partnership of design, craft, artisanship and solidarity

Every Christmas and Holiday season, Calmo launches solidarity projects with the goal of raising money for different causes that are important to us.

For the 2020 initiative, we launched a special edition of three craft beers working alongside Cervezas Antiga, one of the names that most represents the rich and varied tradition of beer brewing in Valencia.

All of the funds raised from this craft beer project were donated to FUNDAP Scholarships for girls in Guatemala, making sure 20 girls had the opportunity to study another year of school.

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scholarships for girls

Your artisan beer pack is just a click away

Due to the unfortunate circumstances we’re all living through during COVID-19, a physical launch party was not possible. The launch of this limited edition was done on the special website designed to facilitate marketing and sales. A feeling of interactivity, movement, being dynamic and the expression of color take the lead in this space that has been thought out to give users an entertaining experience.

Share your beers with the world

Do you feel like drinking a Blonde, White or American today? Use our colorful and fun stickers made specially for Instagram to share that moment when you sip your perfect beer on stories.

Stickers One Beer One Year

A gift for the Holidays

As part of our promotional collection for these exciting beers, we designed small stickers and collector stamps that we throw into every pack of artisan beer that we send as a gift during the holiday season. But it gets even better than that. The characters and stickers are also the perfect protagonists for a unique card game.