Empowering data analysis: Web Design and Development for Daxmar

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The significance of digital presence

For Daxmar Business Analytics, establishing a digital presence became crucial in driving their data analysis strategy and attracting new clients.

As a forward-thinking data analytics company, investing in a web platform that reflected their innovative and technological vision was paramount. That’s why we designed and developed a website aligned with these concepts, also aiming for a clean, modern, and intuitive appearance.


Daxmar Company


Website Design

Website Development


Visualizing data for users

Daxmar’s website faithfully represents their corporate identity with a professional look that underscores their commitment to data analysis excellence.

Carefully chosen colors and graphical elements were used to convey trust and confidence in their services. Interactive elements and compelling data visualizations were incorporated to showcase the company’s ability to transform complex data sets into valuable insights.

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Shaping and structuring data analysis

Through the website’s structure, users can easily access information about their service offerings, industry sectors, contact details, and more, thanks to a robust and accessible information architecture.

Additionally, the platform features an updated success stories section, allowing visitors to explore real projects and gain deeper insights into Daxmar Business Analytics’ work.

Pantallas de la web de Daxmar

Ayudamos a nuestros clientes a tomar decisiones basadas en datos.

We value the opinion of our customers

Our clients’ final feedback reflects not only the quality of our work, but also the trusting relationship we build together and our ability to exceed their expectations. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to establish a solid connection with them and demonstrate our commitment to excellence in web design and development.

“Working with Calmo has been an incredibly positive experience for us. We needed to develop a new website, and from the very beginning, they understood how we wanted to structure it. The team’s creativity is so high that the result has been very satisfying. Additionally, we also collaborated with them on our company’s branding, achieving harmony between the website and the presentations we deliver to our clients. They are a highly professional team focused 100% on the client’s needs”

Alberto Sellán

Founder de DAXMAR

Accessible information on all devices

The interface was designed to be intuitive, enabling users to effortlessly navigate and access key information about data analysis. It was also crafted to be adaptable and flexible, thanks to its responsive design.

Once the web platform was ready, a rigorous testing process was conducted to ensure its performance, compatibility, and security across various devices and browsers.

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