20 Years of Cooperation at UPV: A Journey towards Sustainable Development

A report that captures 20 years of Development Cooperation

With its new visual identity and the report of its 20th anniversary, the Polytechnic University of Valencia successfully celebrates over two decades of remarkable work. Its numerous initiatives are oriented towards social transformation and the promotion of peace, equality, human development, and sustainability.

The objective was to commemorate this milestone by creating an exclusive editorial document that compiles all the testimonies of people who have been part of the Development Cooperation Center (CCD) over the years. The commitment was to present the information in a fluid and visually engaging manner, by strategically organizing the content and designing it in a way that facilitates reading.


Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


Editorial Design





Image and color blocks

The identifying colors and illustrations we initially developed for the CCD are based on concepts such as cooperation, training, research, and participation. The report is divided into five main blocks, each accompanied by a cover with a color and illustration that belong to the CCD image. This design helps the reader locate the content and unifies the document.

Components of the document’s information

A timeline full of illustrations, high-quality photographs, and words of experience and gratitude provide the value that the report needs to become an eye-catching document. It puts in writing the great work that the CCD has accomplished over 20 years, making the UPV a reference in university cooperation for development.

Brújula animada

The power of typography

To make reading easier, we adapted the text content to each page, avoiding a dull and rigid structure. This makes the text more visually interesting, accompanied by photographs and striking colors. We used the “Assistant” font to select different sizes strategically to create a visual hierarchy for titles, highlighted phrases, and continuous text, emphasizing and contrasting the most relevant information.

“Thanks to the CCD’s hard work, the UPV is now a reference in university cooperation for development.”

Color and illustration outline document sections

The identifying colors we developed for the CCD have helped us create covers, icons, and illustrations contained in the report. Its pages collect testimonies from people who, throughout these 20 years of celebration, put their energy, knowledge, and dedication at the service of the CCD.

To complement the report, we produced a video with testimonials from some of the key players in the CCD's 20 years of work.