40 Years of Progress: Celebrating FUNDAP’s Achievements and Activities

Editorial and digital designgo hand in hand

Editorial and digital design are the perfect pairing for capturing the essence of FUNDAP’s incredible work. Once again, FUNDAP has created a one-of-a-kind summary of their exceptional activities and achievements in both print and digital formats. This year is particularly significant as they celebrate four decades of dedicated efforts to improve the lives of Guatemala’s most vulnerable regions.

For seven years in a row, we have been entrusted with the editorial and digital design of FUNDAP’s Annual Report, showcasing the foundation’s initiatives, actions, and stories of transformation.




Editorial Design

Web Design

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A versatile report

FUNDAP has once again produced two versions of their Annual Report: a limited-print traditional version with only 300 copies, for which we provided editorial design, and an online version available on their website, offering a more immersive and interactive experience that reaches a broader audience, including the over 150,000 beneficiaries of the foundation.

Both versions complement each other, as QR codes throughout the printed version allow access to the digital report.

The value of design

Photography captures the essence of FUNDAP, while testimonials humanize the stories, creating a powerful and memorable report.

In addition to photos, icons, colors, graphics, and highlighted text add value to the design, making it easier to understand the impact of each program.

Our commitment to digital

One significant advantage of the digital report is that it allows for a more interactive and visual navigation experience. Furthermore, the digital version has increased website traffic, reduced printing costs, and provides a more intuitive and comprehensive user experience.

FUNDAP is committed to transparency and changing the lives of vulnerable people by offering educational opportunities and employment. We are proud to work alongside them to share their accomplishments and testimonials.