The redesign of a website with a great social impact The new website for DASYC Foundation

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The web transformation of Fundación DASYC

The DASYC Foundation, with a solid track record in social and cultural initiatives, aimed to enhance its digital impact. They needed a more contemporary, functional website that would reflect their values, missions, and projects.

At Calmo Agency, we approached the project by merging the Foundation’s vision with web design and user experience. To achieve this, we immersed ourselves in the essence of the Foundation, understanding its commitment to human progress, values education, and the promotion of volunteerism.


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The importance of creating striking image and message

The redesign of the website was conceived to build a more intuitive and accessible page, allowing users to easily explore the mission, projects, and achievements of the Foundation. For this reason, we crafted an attractive and highly visual design to effectively convey its essence and message. We worked closely with the Foundation to develop relevant and meaningful content. Dedicated sections were created for social projects, beneficiary testimonials, and a clear call to action to encourage active participation.

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The integration of strong values into a website

Through the new aesthetics of the website, the fundamental values of the Foundation are reflected, emphasizing the dignity of every individual, providing quality human attention, and a commitment to sustainability. To achieve this, visual and narrative elements were implemented to convey the essence and commitment of the Foundation.

The new page was successfully launched, achieving a balance between a more contemporary aesthetic and functionality. As a result, online visibility was enhanced, facilitating active participation and support for social projects.

Ilustración de buzón de correo presente en la web de Fundación Dasyc
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A website with a significant social impact

The redesign of the website not only enhanced the online presence of the Foundation but also expanded its ability to inspire and mobilize users, turning it into a powerful tool for disseminating its values, fundraising, and building a more equitable future.

This project stands out for its successful collaboration with the DASYC Foundation, showcasing how a strategic approach to web design can amplify the social impact of a committed organization.

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Vista móvil de la web de Fundación Dasyc

“It has been a great experience working with them. From the first moment they connected with our idea and the result has been just what we wanted. They are a great team, very creative, efficient and decisive.”

Isabel Pérez-Cea

Managing Director, Fundación Dasyc

Pantallas de la web de Fundación Dasyc