All of the year’s proudest achievements

A Project based website redesign

FABRE provides opportunities to transform the world. We transform your website and communication so that your work goes much further.

FABRE is an NGO based in Madrid whose work focuses on two main directions: international development cooperation and social awareness in Spain. They emphasize that they do not provide solutions but opportunities and that is what we wanted to reflect.


FABRE Foundation


Web Design

Web Development



CLAP 2019
Selection. Web Design


Simplicity and clarity,

the main focus

FABRE's journey is extensive, so it was necessary to show the great work they had done over the years in an orderly and intuitive way, as well as to show the projects they are currently working on.

Organizing so much information was the first challenge. The introduction of simple and corporate design elements was imperative to overcome it. Thanks to them, the user now has a more marked route and can participate in the programs at any time during the navigation.

A more agile and intuitive website

The creation of tabs for each program was the first step and the application of search filters, the second. In this way, future volunteers can find the volunteering that interests them the most in seconds.

The payment method was another process that we optimized, which is now much faster and easier. We automate it by integrating PayPal and GoCardless systems on the web, which simplify both regular donations and one-off contributions from partners.

“How to present the more than 400 projects of the foundation in a standardized and orderly way?”
SDG Wheel

Design challenges

For FABRE it was very fundamental to talk about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and to show them in a visual and practical way, which is why we designed an interactive wheel in which the user can see all the goals as they move their pointer over the section.

SDG Wheel

A website where stories take the leading roles

We wanted to convey the role of FABRE in the lives of the people it helps. It is a foundation full of life, so we created a digital space to tell all its news and delve into the stories of improvement that the beneficiaries and their families star in.

Other FABRE related projects

Within the SDG awareness strategy, FABRE carried out other initiatives in schools to raise awareness among Spanish kids about the problems and challenges facing today’s world.

Animación de la Memoria de Actividades de FABRE


Illustrated stories

Illustrated stories in which four leading girls from different countries face real problems in their daily lives. A way to bring reality closer to the little ones in a simple way, in full color and in a format that is attractive and familiar to them.



#iDeas2030 website

With the same objective of raising awareness of the SDGs in schools, we designed a website in which children not only discover these problems but also contribute to their solution. Using social networks as tools, and promoted by the actions of teachers, they identify problems, think about solutions and implement them. Check out the project here.

Expanding their business image to new formats

In addition to the redesign of the website, we have prepared the Report of the results of the foundation for 3 consecutive years.

Fabre Memoria de Actividades 2017
Diseño Memoria de Actividades FABRE


The unification of the tone of the brand together with a communication strategy and presence on social networks helped to increase and improve its digital presence, now much more solid. Of course, always staying true to its values: solidarity and transparency.

Animación de la Memoria de Actividades de FABRE