Five Valencian Universities, united in sustainability

A website design & rebranding project

The five Valencian public colleges, with the collaboration of the Generalitat Valenciana (GVA), hold annual workshops in which the contribution of international cooperation to eliminate inequalities between people and societies in the world is addressed.

They asked us to create a website in which the project was explained clearly and concisely. In addition to being an intuitive platform through which interested parties could register for the event.

But the creation of the website previously included a process of research and the development of a new brand identity.


Polytechnic University of Valencia



Web Design

Web Development


Sustainability objectives a key focus

Three days of dialogues, presentations, round tables, workshops and activities in which experts reflect on the reality of international development cooperation and its role in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the main engine of the event and that is why their colors and messages play a leading role in the corporate identity of the event.

“International development cooperation in the implementation of the SDGs”
An event, a clear motto and philosophy

Creating a brand of the l’Universitat d’Hivern (The Winter University)

To create the website, we had to renew the brand that had been used during previous years.

We defined a corporate identity in accordance with the project goal, the academic nature of the conference and the image that had been used previously.


Redesigning the logo

Perfectly simple and more adaptable. Continuing with the idea of keeping the tree to represent winter, we bet on simplifying it and making it more scalable to all formats. To do this, we eliminated the circular design in which the letters were displayed and we suppressed the leaves. In this way we accentuate the winter season even more.


Colors and textures

The simplification also affected the color of the logo. It went from an image with several shades to a monochromatic version in which blue, the representative color of the event, becomes the only protagonist.


the website

Due to the simplicity of the content that had to be included, we decided to design the website on a single page.

This has favored its positioning and loading time, while it does not affect its usability. On the contrary, the user can sign up for the event with a single click or consult the information in a structured way by sections and with a lot of visual support.

Creating online features

The corporate identity was applied to all promotional and informative elements of the event.

“Coordinated image in all communication channels”

A yearly edition with its own style

The Miguel Hernández University in Elche will host the IV Edition of the Winter University in 2020.

In both years, SDGs have been chosen to provide the tonality of the background.

The first event in which the new corporate identity was applied was in the III Edition, which was held at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The design of the website and the rest of the elements varies slightly each edition of the annual event. That said, they always draw on the guidelines in the style book.

What will the next edition look and feel like?