Work out and have fun at the same time? Torettos, a new fitness concept

We created the Torettos Fitness brand and website

The energy, vitality, and combination of physical exercise with fun and a vision is what made us fall in love with the new Torettos Fitness business model. A gym that is not just a gym needed a brand that was not just a brand. To develop this project, we created the entire visual identity of Torettos, including the personalized logo, a visual system to identify each of its services, and its new website.


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Logo Torettos en positivo y negativo

An adaptable visual identity

Nowadays, more companies demand adaptable brand identities to facilitate catering to different business markets in order to adjust to multiple channels. For this reason, we created a responsive logo and established an application logic for each version based on the medium in which the brand was to be represented.

This visual system is also complemented by a very specific and simple color palette in which black and white dominate, and an orange-red accent is added. In addition, a combination of sans / sans-serif fonts provides flexibility to the design.

Ilustración de zapatilla y material deportivo
Colores de la marca de Torettos Fitness
Tipografía de la marca de Torettos Fitness

The digital display, a simple and functional showcase of Torettos Fitness

Is the website really that important? Yes. That was the resounding response of Carlos, founder of Torettos Fitness, when we asked him if the website was going to add value for him.

For this gym, the digital environment is a fundamental part of the customer acquisition and loyalty strategy. Torettos is a brand that looks to the future and, for this reason, they decided to invest in a simple and direct web page. One that’s intuitive and highly representative of its identity so that it can connect with customers.

Ilustración de mochila y pesas
Secciones de la web de Torettos Fitness

A real connection with people

The Torettos website is focused on answering customer questions, motivating them, and making them feel part of this movement that began online during the pandemic and is now starting to boom with the recent opening of its first center in Paterna (Valencia).

Thanks to the logical structure of the website, the user can quickly find the information for services, prices, and schedules or even multiple articles of interest on the blog, which complement a strategy of getting closer to the client using the website and social media.

Ilustración silbato, bidón y lista de ejercicios

Imagen de un gimnasio de Torettos Fitness