Another year full of actions

We designed the 2021 Annual Report for ACTEC

ACTEC is a Belgian NGO that works to strengthen the role and autonomy of the most vulnerable people by teaching them a trade.

Once again, we had the pleasure of working on their Annual Report. The purpose of this document is to compile the foundation’s activities throughout the year and showcase the work of the entire team, partners, and beneficiaries. All of this is presented in a unique document with an exclusive design and customized graphics that guide the reader through the information and keep their attention focused on the report.




Editorial Design



Showcasing the impact of their work

The result of their work is something to be proud of, and our objective is to reflect that pride through the editorial design. We strive to present the information in a simple but logical and attractive manner. For this reason, each page of the report is carefully crafted to convey the most relevant results in the best possible way.

The report is also available online on their website, making it accessible to the public at any time.

A unique report identity

Through the design, we were able to create much more dynamic and visually appealing graphic elements. This is especially evident in the map, which is a double-page spread filled with color. But this identity is also reflected throughout the 44 pages of the report, through its typography and its renewed identity, with a new color palette and the incorporation of geometric figures. While it maintains the same structure as the 2020 report in terms of information, both reports have different graphic styles and layouts.

Capturing the reality of the people through photography

In this edition, the beneficiaries take center stage, and that’s why we included photographs of some of them throughout the design, representative of the projects. For us, and for the readers, it’s crucial to be transparent and to convey the reality of the countries where ACTEC works. That’s why photographs are an indispensable tool.