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Tres cervezas artesanas

Designing the labels of our solidarity craft beers.

After a successful first edition of our One Beer One Year project in 2020, we decided to create new beer label designs for a limited edition of three new craft beers, for our 2021 charity initiative. As a result, we designed a Valencian ALE, an American IPA and a Red ALE. The three types of beer are represented in their labels by fun and colorful illustrated characters. All of the charity benefits raised for this special edition are destined to be used for a children’s educational project being looked after by FUNDAP in Guatemala.


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Diseño de cerveza IPA
Cerveza artesana Calmo

Discover the three new characters in our 2nd edition.

We introduce you to the three new characters that take the lead as protagonists for this project. For the second year in a row, our illustrated character labels are what give each beer its unique character and represent the variety of beer you’ll find inside the bottle.

Representing the blonde Valencian ALE, we have our “maestro paellero”, an ideal beer to pair with classic Sunday paella. For the Red ALE, our second character comes straight from the beach after some days (maybe too many) of bright Valencian sun. And last but not least, we have our american cheerleader to match our hoppy IPA.

Which one would you pick?

Botellines de cerveza artesanal
Botellines de cerveza artesanal
Botellines de cerveza artesanal

Want to see how it’s made?

Here is the exciting creative process that María Tortosa, our label illustrator, uses for her artistic journey making One Beer One Year. Discover more about the design process it takes to make Ms. American IPA a reality.

We made the web design and development to sell the beers online.

The custom web design and development was key to represent the colorful and fun style of the project. We created a digital experience that was both dynamic and interactive, full of movement and color, to help the user discover the project in a different manner.

Web de cervezas en formato móvil

For the second year in a row, we made a collaboration with Antiga Brewing and FUNDAP.

Every Christmas season, Calmo launches an annual solidarity project with the goal of raising money for different causes that are important to us.

For the 2021 initiative, we launched a new special edition of three craft beers working alongside Antiga Brewing Company, one of the names that most represents the rich and varied tradition of beer brewing in Valencia.

All of the funds raised from this craft beer project were donated to FUNDAP’s Scholarships for Girls program in Guatemala, helping 8 girls continue their high school education for a year.

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A perfect Christmas gift

As part of our promotional collection for these exciting beers, we designed small stickers and collector stamps that we throw into every pack of artisan beer that we send as a gift during the holiday season. But it gets even better than that. The characters and stickers are also the perfect protagonists for a unique card game.

Stickers de cerveza artesana