A different and unique project: How Calmo’s branding was created

Calmo, a brand with a lot of essence

Our brand does not only consist of a logo and colors, but it is also a way of acting and understanding our work, it is our distinguishing mark. That’s why, since its launching in 2016 we have tried to develop a coherent visual identity which represents our essence and values. Some applications are more formal, such as presentations and budgets. Some others are funnier, such as notebooks or welcome packs. But all of them have something in common: they all reflect who we are.


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Ilustración Personajes Calmo
Ilustración de los personajes en los cuadros de la oficina

Our website: a first visual impression

Our website is our way of telling you what we do at Calmo. We are passionate about design, and we want to transmit it on each and every corner on our digital space. From the moment in which the user starts browsing our web and stares at our logo’s animation for some seconds, to the passing through the different pages to meet the team, our work and services, in which color and interaction complete the experience.

Animación de la web en un móvil
Páginas de la web

Illustrating our values

Calmo’s values constitute the solid basis on which we have built and developed our brand. They guide us in our daily tasks and help us remember why we come to work. So, to reinforce them we have created customized illustrations and they are now part of our office’s decoration.

Ethics is at the heart of everything
Enjoy what you do
Design is always at the forefront
Listen, think & act, in that order
Strive for excellence in everything you do
Foto oficina

Calmo’s expression in different formats

Hoodies, T-shirts, socks, cards, notebooks… Calmo’s corporate materials are really varied. Some are part of a Welcome Pack we give the people who join our team, others are the result of the annual team building days, and others are part of our solidarity events. But all of them have a common nexus: Calmo Brand.

Ropa de Calmo
Ilustración personaje con ordenador
Chat de trabajo animado
Animación destacados Instagram

We build meaningful relationships between brands and people through strategic design.

Come in and get to know our office

From the moment you go through our door, we want you to breath Calmo’s essence on each corner in our office. We try to boost creativity by creating a pleasant working atmosphere, with magnificent city sights.

Documentos con el branding de Calmo

A bright and funny brand

One of our values is to enjoy what we do, and so it’s always good to have some fun!

Libretas de Calmo