The Polytechnic University of Valencia working alongside the drive for SDGs

A proposal that calls for action

As part of the University Cooperation for Development Programme, the Polytechnic University of Valencia has developed a printed document called The Sustainable Development Goals. Keys for a university in constant change.

Our job was to bring each of the chapters to life, through design and color. In the process it was very important to structure and organize the information so that it was comfortable for the reader, avoiding reading monotony and fatigue. But with the intention of making the message clear.


Polytechnic University of Valencia


Editorial Design



The SDGs and the university, protagonists of change

The main theme is the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how to prepare universities to work accordingly.

We present the theme from the cover, using the resource of the identifying colors of each SDG and geometric shapes to generate a visual sensation of movement.


Giving each SDG its own voice

To help the reader get their bearings, we design the covers of each chapter with the color of the SDG to which it corresponds, as a background. Additionally, we add shades of the main color in the form of waves, which provide freshness and allow each SDG to be identified in a very visual way.

Adding such subtle elements allows you to get away from a flat and monotonous design, within a corporate image consistent with the academic purpose of the document.

Value proposals that make for enjoyable reading

Faced with extensive and dense content, our challenge was to make a layout that aimed at a simple, continuous and comfortable reading. Therefore, we play with the structure of the pages, varying the number and width of columns.

This, together with the white space and the subtle details represented in the color of each SDG, allow the reading to be more dynamic and enjoyable without compromising the texts of each of the specialists who participated in the book.