A website with a significant impact Building RETORNA’s Site from scratch

A website to support a matter of great impact

RETORNA was born with the aim of restoring vision through RNA therapies. Through an innovative, international, and multidisciplinary platform, they train young scientists in the field of vision sciences. To evolve and reach a wider audience, they approached us to create their own website and generate a digital experience that would represent them in line with their brand identity.




Web Design

Web Development


Information structure as the starting point

The first step was to conduct a research and strategy process to define the website’s structure and thereby crystallize its main goal and mission, information architecture, the type of web audience, and more.

Once this initial part was defined, we focused on web design with the goal of creating an easy and intuitive navigation experience for the user.

Sitemap de la web de RETORNA
Esquema de la web de RETORNA

Style through digital presence

The primary mission of the website was to communicate what RETORNA is and provide information to interested individuals about the project in a clear and up-to-date manner. Additionally, it needed to have a modern and scientific style, in line with its brand image and centered on meeting user needs. Their visual identity is applied to the website through color schemes in blues and greens, as well as the use of sans-serif typography.

Ilustración animada de un ojo
Colores y tipografías de la identidad corporativa de RETORNA

Transparency and adaptability in navigation

In addition to colors and typography, the website exudes personality through its messages, articles, custom icons, calls to action, and more. This is all combined with the use of real photographs that help convey authenticity and reinforce the website’s message and objective.

Ilustración de un microscopio
Sección de datos de la web de RETORNA