New characters bringing new challenges

Memoria Anual FUNDAP 2020

An Annual Report filled with exciting news

Since 2015, we have worked with the objective that the FUNDAP Work Report were as compact and easy to read as possible while also providing an attractive experience for its target audience.

In the 2019 Annual Report we also put together a digital version that broadened the reader’s experience. In addition to this, the challenge of exploring the impact of the pandemic on the work of FUNDAP and its employees in Guatemala has featured as a vital part of the report.




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A silence
that makes noise

COVID-19 actions in figures

After starting with an opening letter from its President and Executive Director, the 2020 Annual Report opens with a section dedicated to the COVID-19 actions undertaken by the Foundation. We were all able to feel firsthand the impact of the coronavirus. In the case of FUNDAP, its regular activities were affected by the urgency of meeting basic needs in communities.

A wide range of actions were taken and all of them needed to be communicated. To do this more effectively, we highlighted figures and resorted to the use of custom graphics and illustrations that visually represented the work done.

Material higiénico COVID
COVID-19 data

Year of heroes,
year of testimonials

The #FamiliaFUNDAP is made up of different profiles and stories, and this particular year it was even more important to honor them, and the collective effort needed to overcome the challenges of 2020.

For this reason, we included more testimonials than in other editions. In the printed version, we highlighted sentences from the full stories that can be easily accessed via the QR code embedded on the page.

We also prioritized the use of photographs of the people involved. This, in addition, allows the figures to be humanized and ensures that the reader empathizes with Guatemala’s daily reality.

Memoria digital versión móvil

Another success story repeated!

In view of the success of the 2019 Annual Report, this year we have once again presented a hybrid and complementary format: a printed Work Report and its digital version.

The layout and Editorial Design focus on offering a short and complete version, while the website design and development of its digital version is centered on the interactive, fluid and fast-loading experience.

Memoria digital responsive

FUNDAP uncovered

In this Activities Report we wanted to maintain an elegant but colorful personality, where not only the actions but also the collaborative and joyful spirit of FUNDAP come through and provide a distinct flavor for the report.

FUNDAP is an NGO with almost 40 years of experience that carries out a work focused on improving quality of life in Guatemala’s most vulnerable regions.


A silence
that makes noise