No one is left behind The ACTEC 2020 Report

Editorial design of the ACTEC 2020 Report

Just as every year, ACTEC has gathered together a summary of outstanding activities and achievements in a unique and exclusive report. Following the structure that we proposed for their Annual Report 2019, this year we also took charge of the ACTEC Annual Report 2020 editorial design..

This Activity Report is an important document in ACTEC communication department because it is addressed to the whole team, as well as all the partners and collaborators. With this in mind, we worked with graphic resources and infographics that reinforce and ease reading, showing the reader where to focus their attention.




Editorial Design



Reinforcing the value of ACTEC and its Report

The design of Annual Reports is decisive to display the information in a simple, logical and attractive way. Bearing this in mind, we focus our editorial design and layout work on presenting information in an entertaining way, without overwhelming the reader.

ACTEC has a 40-year history, during which time it has worked in more than 10 countries in Africa and Latin America, supporting local partners with training and means to develop economically.

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Editorial content and design

This year the content was more extensive than the previous one. A whole section was dedicated to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and actions taken to fight it, whereas another one focused on evaluations of ACTEC's current partnership strategy. This additional content represented a bigger challenge of strategically organizing and summarizing this information.

We know that it is not about sacrificing content, therefore, within these 40 pages nothing is excluded. We appealed to creative editorial design and put together a document supported by visual resources. We combined current full-page photographs, infographics and custom illustrations, with a clean and structured layout that allows its easy reading.

Un documento muy visual

En el diseño de esta Memoria de Actividades podemos encontrar los colores corporativos de la organización, pero también utilizamos colores complementarios o secundarios para acentuar el tono positivo y esperanzador de ACTEC en un año marcado por el COVID-19.

Sus beneficiarios son protagonistas, y por eso a lo largo del diseño incluimos fotografías de algunos de ellos y representativas de los proyectos.

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Graphics and illustrations

By using well-thought-out illustration, we achieve more dynamic and visual graphic elements. This comes to life even more so on the map, where we include illustrations with the same aesthetics used in the ones we created for the digitization of the organization’s history in 2017.

No one

Its work and mission

“No one is left behind” is a motto that authentically sums up ACTEC’s work and that represents one of the key challenges faced in 2020.

That is why, with careful consideration “No one behind” is the phrase chosen this year to open and close ACTEC’s Annual Report, both in its printed version and in its digital adaptation.