Youth Employment Campaign Ministry of Labor and Social Economy

Decent job opportunities and young people actually make the perfect fit?

#ElFuturoEsJoven is the hashtag that introduces the latest communication campaign of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy of Spain, to announce the newly approved youth employment measures.

The campaign, which includes the creation of all graphics images and texts, was promoted in digital and print press at a national level, as well as on social media.


Ministerio de Trabajo y Economía Social






#ElFuturoEsJoven. Ilustración de periódico con la imagen de la campaña

The project briefing and our strategic approach

The client’s objective was to raise awareness for a very specific audience of young people between the ages of 16 and 29 years old, about their new possibilities and career prospects. The campaign features a friendly, dynamic, original, and easy-going tone, which was launched using the most suitable platforms for the target: social media.

To achieve this, we developed an image with which they could identify, and that represents them and helps them connect. And to complement the design, we created a series of short and direct messages using a hashtag that encouraged them to share them on social media.

Ilustración animada de móvil dando un like

A proposal with three different characters

Starting from a place so that young people could feel seen, we created three illustrated characters that represent different profiles. Taking great care of the features of each one of them, we designed our three characters with trendy clothing, emphasizing the accessories, their expression, their posture, and their color palette.

Ropa de los personajes

Mensajes de la campaña
Cartel y redes sociales de la campaña

The marketing campaign

In order to launch the campaign in different media, we adapted the image to the formats of print press, posters, banners, billboards, and advertisements for different social media platforms.

In addition, to enhance the organic reach of the campaign, we created a set of posts for the Instagram feed of the Ministry of Labor, using the campaign’s two hashtags: #ElFuturoEsJoven and #YoQuiero.

Iconos campaña

Having decent job opportunities it’s possible for young people

The final campaign could be seen in public places during the month of December 2021, and served to provide a positive focus among young people looking for work.

Hasthag de la campaña
Cartel de la campaña en una parada de autobus