A new, user centered format This is the Fundación Bancaja annual report

A memory without limits

In this Annual Report, the Bancaja Foundation celebrates all the activities they have carried out during 2020, including their achievements and financial information. The main goal was to achieve an intuitive and dynamic report where the user could quickly find the information they wanted to see at any given moment.

In addition, the added value also came from the novelty of the format. For the 2020 Report, the Bancaja Foundation wanted to increase the scope of its communication through a digital version that complemented the printed edition of the report, meaning it could reach more people.


Bancaja Foundation


Web Design

Web Development

Editorial Design



A report accessible to everyone

After an initial strategic process, we started the project with the creation of two printed documents, the report both in Spanish and its adaptation to Valencian. Subsequently, we designed and developed a landing page, also in two languages, which allowed us to organize the information in the report so that it was accessible in an agile and intuitive way.

Custom Artwork

In both the printed document and the digital version, the illustrations are the protagonists, helping to convey the message in a more visual and dynamic way.

The personalized illustrations reinforce the content they accompany: the Monte de Piedad headquarters, the main building of the Foundation or its new corporate identity are some examples of illustrations that we can find throughout the Report.

The colors are clear protagonists

The use of the main corporate color on the printed and digital cover of the Report contrasts with the use of auxiliary colors to identify each of the five sections of the document. The different shades help the reader find where they are at and provide visual coherence to the new image of the Foundation.

Transparent results

What would an Annual Report be without a representation of the company results? To emphasize them and facilitate their reading and understanding, the layout is based mainly on the use of space and a simple design.