A virtual tour through SDGs

Going beyond just pages and exploring distinct experiences

In recent years we have worked on the editorial design and illustration of the three editions of short children’s story books by FABRE, a Spanish NGO that in Europe carries out awareness-raising and development education tasks linked to its international cooperation activities in Guatemala. Bolivia, Cuba and Ivory Coast.

After the amazing success of these editions, they asked us to design a website where these stories are brought together with the goal of widening their reach, boosting their impact and offering a better all-round experience for the user.


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Web Design

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An interactive and intuitive trip

Each story is set up as if it were a travel guide and each one starts with a short introduction to the project followed by more information about its four leading characters: Akissi, Yoel, Izamal & Nina.

Through the interactive, fixed menu bar that stays with the user throughout their browsing experience, we make it easy and interesting to select the stories that most interest them. In the case of the first guide, stories are divided by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The second and third divide the stories by country: Ivory Coast, Bolivia, Cuba & Guatemala.

Travel Guide I

17 microstories that Delve into the context behind each SDG.

Travel Guide II

Cuba, Guatemala, Bolivia & Ivory Coast , a window into 4 distinct realities.

Travel Guide III

Cuba, Guatemala, Bolivia & Ivory Coast during & after the pandemic

A version that complements the tour

The challenge wasn’t to compete with the comfort of reading printed material but to actually complement it and enrich the user experience. For that reason, we chose sans serif and Other simple fonts to make reading an easier experience.

When it comes to color palettes , we went with the happy tones seen throughout the books which also represent the colorful features of the countries where the stories are told.

Do you want to embark on this tour and be your own guide?

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Stories that come to life

In this version we rescue the personalized illustrations that we made to represent the girls and their environment, but took advantage of digital resources to make them come to life and truly jump out of the screen.

We also integrated the audio resource into the first guide to make the stories more accessible and engaging for younger readers. Guides II and III lack this resource and their design evolves, becoming a little more mature to be more akin to slightly older readers.

Hear the sounds of Bolivia’s yuca fields!


Easy to access from any device

FABRE firmly believes in going digital with all of its work and actions, meaning these micro-stories couldn’t have been done in any other way. It’s vital that the design and development of the website take on a strategic role that allows for an enjoyable browsing experience from any device. With this fact in mind, we strived for a design centered on being responsive, intuitive and fast-loading.