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BPD sociological research

AMAI TLP is a foundation specialized in Borderline Personality Disorder. As a result of the rebranding project, they commissioned us with the design of a document that compiled the conclusions of the first sociological study on the state of BPD in Spain. The visual collection of the most relevant data was essential to reach professionals in the sector and achieve progress in researching the disease.





Editorial Design


Transmitting results

Once the sociological study, which spanned more than 100 pages, was completed and its main conclusions analyzed, we began to structure the document. The main objective was to capture the information in an orderly and useful way for the recipients, favoring an interesting, intuitive and simple reading.

We wanted a light and visual document where we can show the most relevant data.

“Keeping the reader from getting lost in the vastness of the data is almost as difficult as collecting the data itself.”

Texture that communicates concepts

As a visual aid, we developed a composition that simulates the texture and shape of a brain in a conceptual way. This texture was used both on the cover and for the separation of the different sections.

The use of color

To present the four main sections of the study, we define a different color range for each one. The combination of colors in each range, together with the application of the texture that serves as a link, marks the beginning of each category of results.

Read 100 pages of information in just 12 simple pages

The key was to always keep in mind the purpose of the document: to communicate clearly and visually the results of the research to promote its knowledge and thus be able to encourage research on its treatment.

For this reason, the data is communicated through graphics, iconography and highlighted text, offering the reader a visual synthesis of the main aspects of the study.

How we presented the research

The study was presented to different professionals in the sector across Madrid. An event where each attendee received the sociological study document accompanied by different corporate materials from AMAI TLP, such as notebooks and pens that allowed them to take notes during the day of the comments of the participants and served to strengthen the image of the foundation.