The digital experience of LOOM CLUB This is its new website

Giving life to a club to build a thriving digital community

We take pride in having digitized a unique space, a club in the Islington neighborhood of London. A space conceived by neighbors for neighbors, a place that not only aspires to be a club but also a vibrant community link. We are excited about the opportunity to have blended the essence of the neighborhood with our expertise in web design, thus creating a platform that is not only functional and appealing but also mirrors the authenticity and vitality of Islington.


Loom Club


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A website true to its identity

The creation and conceptualization of the web design for LOOM were an exciting journey. We took great care to faithfully reflect its distinctive corporate identity. Inspired by its commitment to innovation and creativity, we utilized the vibrant color palette that characterizes LOOM, incorporating shades of orange, green, and camel.

Typography, an essential element in brand expression, was selected with special attention. We opted for overlaying text on images, not only reflecting dynamism but also reinforcing the unique identity of LOOM.

Secciones de la web de Loom
Web de Loom vista desde móvil

A highly dynamic and seamless navigation experience

The navigation on the LOOM website has been meticulously designed to provide a comfortable and efficient experience, with a user-centered approach. Additionally, the interface is structured to ensure intuitive navigation, allowing users to easily explore the services and sections that LOOM offers. Each element has been strategically placed to ensure a smooth experience, allowing users to quickly find what they need.

The harmony between LOOM's identity and values with the user experience

With the design of the LOOM website, we aimed not only to create an attractive and functional interface but also to build a virtual space that resonates with the fundamental values of its community. Every visual element, from the color palette to the photographs and typography, was meticulously chosen to reflect its essence. Beyond the visual aspects, we endeavored to infuse into every corner of the website the values that make LOOM a unique place: inclusivity, creativity, and authentic connection.

Dos chicas haciendo yoga en una esterilla
Foto de dos personas abrazándose
Foto de dos jóvenes conversado y riendo
Slogan y pantallas de la web de Loom en versión móvil